How you can save $400 a month on every well.

How much money are clogged pipes costing you? 

If it doesn’t work, we won’t charge you. 

“I was skeptical,” says Allen Lucas, the Production Foreman for Prime Operating based in Regan County, Texas, when he first heard about using magnets to treat scale and paraffin, the most common issues in producing wells. He’s not the only one. Leo Cavness, Operations Foreman with Traditions Resource Operating, LLC based in Texas, shared his own sentiments. “You’re always skeptical you know? Because it’s something you’ve never used before.” 

It’s easy to be skeptical until the science behind Magnetic Fluid Conditioners (MCF) is explained. The Flo-Rite tool uses a blend of magnets and physics to reduce and prevent paraffin and scale buildup in oil equipment. Oil runs through a tool lined with magnets, exposing it to magnetic fields. The field essentially changes the direction of the molecules preventing paraffin and scale from separating out from the oil and water, respectively. The results are cleaner tubing and flow lines, which require less maintenance and downtime for wells. It also translates into a higher cost savings, time gained and a healthier environment. Magnets are truly the future in scale and paraffin reduction and prevention. 

The benefits of magnets are best understood through experience. Shortly after installing the Flo-Rite magnetic tools in his flowlines, Cavness’ feelings changed from skeptical to surprise. “I was amazed! I was amazed how we could take a flowline that was 90% plugged with paraffin and within a few days to a week it was all gone.” Lucas had similar experiences using the tool. He says in his straight talking way, “They’re pretty easy to use. There are really no complaints. I like them or I wouldn’t use them.” They keep the flowlines clear and production running smoothly. Will he keep using them? Absolutely. Lucas should know. He’s been using the Flo-Rite tools for three years now on all 250 of his wells. “The two things to watch out for are proper operation of a pump and no tubing leaks downhole,” says Lucas. In order for the magnetic tool to work, it has to have fluid going through it, so anything that could impact the flow should be properly monitored. 

Magnetic treatment can sound bizarre until the conversation turns to cost savings. Then it becomes compelling, which persuades many oil producers to try them. Lucas, who currently manages around 250 wells, says he saves an average of $400 a month per well on the flowline maintenance using magnets. Multiply $400 by 250 wells, and the total easily reaches an average of $100,000 in savings a month. This number doesn’t even include savings from magnets used for downhole applications. 

Environmentally Friendly

Cost Effective

Low Maintenance

Requires no external power.

Reduces the need for chemical treatments.

Easy installation.

Cavness has been using Magnetic Fluid Conditioners on all wells he’s worked with over the past 11 years, despite the fact that in the beginning, he’d never even heard of magnetic tools. After lifelong friend John W. White purchased Flo-Rite Fluids, he decided to give the technology a chance. This became extremely beneficial for the companies he worked for by saving a significant amount of money. According to Cavness, “I’ve worked for several different companies and have applied the Flo-Rite tool in various conditions, surface, downhole, facilities. I’ve always seen great results. For one well, it’d be about $400-500 a month in savings. So, if you’re talking 10 wells, you’re talking $5,000 a month.” 

The savings extend beyond cost, as there is time conservation as well. Once the tool is installed, hours of maintenance and contract work are no longer necessary. The magnetic tool has no moving parts, has no power needs and doesn’t break down. Lucas says, “Since we no longer have to hot oil down casing and in flowlines, it saves us thousands of man hours and repairs a year. That’s just on the small quandary of wells that I operate.” 

Strange as it sounds, magnets can preserve and even improve the quality of the oil being treated. Hot oiling and chemicals can negatively impact oil quality. “Hot oiling burns off the high ends on your oil when you heat it to a certain point, so it [MCF] does improve the quality of the oil you’re selling,” says Lucas. 

Cavness discusses the difference in the quality of his oil after using the Flo-Rite tool. “It makes your production easier to get a better quality. I use the Flo-Rite tools on circulating pumps and tank batteries where I had really bad emulsion, asphaltenes, and paraffins. It’s what we call ‘tank bottoms’ or basic sediment and water (BS&W)&impurities. I had real bad troubles with tank bottoms. I introduced Flo-Rite to assist them, and within a few days to a week, those tank bottoms went away and the quality of my oil was better.” The BS&W &ercentage of Cavness’ oil ranged from 1-2 percent until he shut the chemical off and applied the Flo-Rite tool. Subsequently, his oil percentages went down to .05 percent. 

Magnetic Fluid Conditioners are also environmentally friendly. According to Cavness, the tool is “Zero polluting. It’s environmentally safe.” Cavness knows as he’s traditionally used chemicals and hot oiling in the past, and they were only effective 15-20 percent of the time. Lucas had better results than Cavness with chemicals and hot oiling; however, it’s expensive and causes well downtime. Both Cavness and Lucas switched to the Flo-Rite tool for economy’s sake. Lucas was specifically trying to lower his lease operating expenses. However, both have embraced the tools as part of standard operating procedure because of their benefits. 

Flo-Rite Fluids guarantees the effectiveness of Magnetic Fluid Conditioning treatment by offering a free trial to interested parties. The free trial runs for 30 consecutive days as most results are proven within that time period. 

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